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The signature methodology implemented by The Coaching Group’s partners and coaches is called the Dynamic Growth Model. The Dynamic Growth Model focuses on identifying entrepreneur’s who have high-growth businesses with the ability to scale. The Coaching Group concentrates on assisting these clients in their development and implementation of an exit strategy, thereby creating larger businesses and the ultimate objective of creating wealth for the business owners.

By focusing on this Dynamic Growth Model, The Coaching Group is able to significantly impact the development of the businesses we coach, and transition entrepreneurial businesses into process-driven businesses with the necessary infrastructure in place to continually scale the business, and transform it into an attractive target for acquisition, initial public offering, venture capital investment, acquisition, merger, or other methods of exit that provide the most favosrable next step for the business owners.


Implementation of The Coaching Group’s Dynamic Growth Model:

Develops (builds) new Business Plan and/or refines/adjusts the old plan;
Adjusts for each material development;
Recasts the business model according to new information;
Creates steps from Top Down/Bottom Up approach whereby each stage an be addresses and/or adjusted;
5. Places major focus on exit plans by identifying who likely candidates for acquisition are;
6. Selects which industry groups.networks/associations should be included initially and throughout the process and makes adjustments according to progress made;
7. Helps identity, screen and support acquisition of key personnel needed for growth;
8. Includes regular sessions both private and group in relations to calibratinf progress according to overall game plan;
9. Issues reports, feedback and other indications about progress throughout the period; and
10. Issues final report which will serve as a blueprint/guide for future action.

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