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Supplement your core initiatives
Define and pursue new channels / relationships
Provide relationship management assistance
Evaluate the potential of your products and services within Federal, State and Local governments and facilitate approach given our expertise
Evaluate the commercial industry potential of potential of products and services.
Due diligence

The Coaching Group maintains a national presence through its partners, affiliate partners, strategic relationships with corporations, academic institutions, consultants, and business relationships all over the United States. Currently, we are helping clients in over ten (10) states, the District of Columbia, and Canada.

As an added value to major corporations, The Coaching Group also has the ability to coach/guide large corporations who need and seek small and minority firms as business partners. Because of their experience in the minority business arena, our principles are recognized experts in federal and corporate minority business development programs, and are frequently sought after by large corporations, faith-based, and civic organizations, for input to their small and minority business procurement, management diversity, and executive training programs.


Biographies of our key executive team members, including:
Joshua I. Smith

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